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Welcome to Graphene Trade, the market-focused broker of future commodities that could quite literally change the world. Our focus is on nanotechnology – the science of creating a broad spectrum of solutions at the atomic and molecular level that will impact every part of our lives in the years ahead. We bring nanotechnology within reach of investors.

Graphene is the result of nanotech research which won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. It has amazing properties: Only one atom in thickness, graphene is 200X stronger than steel and conducts electricity a million times better than copper. It is the strongest, thinnest and best-conducting material currently known to man.

Billions of dollars are being invested in graphene research worldwide, and new applications for this amazing material are discovered nearly every day. Graphene Trade provides a ground floor opportunity to add this alternative, speculative investment to one’s portfolio. Download our Brochure here.


Scientists at the internationally renowned Manchester University in England earned the Nobel Prize in Physics for their graphene discoveries in 2010.